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In this section, you will learn how to use the tools in Paint.NET

Screenshot of the Paint.NET tools menu.
Screenshot of the Paint.NET tools window

The Tools toolbar:

Rectangle Select Move Selected Pixels Zoom Ellipse Select Magic Wand Pan Paint Bucket Gradient Paint Brush Eraser Pencil Color Picker Clone Stamp Lasso Select Move Selection Recolor Text Line/Curve Rectangle Rounded Rectangle Ellipse FreeformPdntoolsmenu.png

Click on the tool you want to learn about! If you're a beginner, you should start from the top left.

The tools menu and window[edit]

To access your tools, you can

1. Use the pull-down menu on the upper-left hand corner of your screen


2. Use the Tools window


3. Use keyboard shortcuts

Selection tools[edit]

Selection creation tools[edit]

Rectangle Select Rectangle Select[edit]

  • This tool allows you to select a particular portion of an image in a rectangular shape. Click, hold and drag to use this tool.

Lasso SelectLasso Select[edit]

  • The lasso tool allows you to select portions of an image any way you would like. In order to use this tool also click, hold and drag.

Ellipse SelectEllipse Select[edit]

  • The ellipse tool allows you select a portion of an image in an elliptical way. You also click, hold and drag to use this tool.

-image soon to come-

Magic WandMagic Wand[edit]

  • The magic wand will select an area in one click. Adjust the tolerance to select more or less. If your image is not ‘leak free’, then the tool will select as much as it can.

-image soon to come-

Selection movement[edit]

Move Selected PixelsMove Selected Pixels[edit]

Move SelectionMove Selection[edit]

Bitmap Editing tools[edit]

Paint BucketPaint Bucket[edit]


Paint BrushPaint Brush[edit]



Color PickerColor Picker[edit]

Stamp CloneClone Stamp[edit]





Rounded RectangleRounded Rectangle[edit]



Other Tools[edit]