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Packing & Moving Household Goods/Box Marking

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Simplify parcel marking by making your information 100% visible. I wrote patents on this topic... US Patent 6090027 which marks a corner on three sides... with ink making it visible 21/24 viewings. And then US Patent 6598783 which connects any two corners with ink... with ink making it visible 24/24 times... as a dice may rotate.

This works on flat parcels and objects as well.

Mark the top and sides of all cartons by writing on the tape after the box is sealed shut. Describe contents and destination location (such as bedroom, kitchen, or basement). Have the writing on the box facing up to indicate which side of the box is up and which is down so that your movers don’t turn the box upside down during moving.

Marking boxes well will make identifying where things are in them easier when they are stacked on top of each other or in their new location. If the box is being reused, then using fresh tape over marked tape eliminates old markings. Some packers like to use color-coding such as colored tape wrapped once around the box or colored stickers pasted on the box to identify in what room at the destination to put the box.