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One of the major attractions of the PSP are it's wealth of popular Japanese games and visual novels; few of which have been released in English-speaking countries. Some crafty people have taken up translation projects to bring the experience over the language barrier.

Making your own Translations[edit | edit source]

The basic process is to unzip the ISO file, decompile some binaries, make your edits, zip it back up, and create an xdelta. Hacks may be necessary to allow the English characters to reflow, since Japanese is often more concise than English.

A great way to learn how this process works is to work on the (abandoned) Steins;Gate PSP translation:

Project Listing[edit | edit source]

Here's a list of all the unofficial PSP game Translations that we know of. Feel free to add any new ones to the list.

This list was rescued from the Akatranslations Wiki, which shut down when Wikispaces became paid-only. Feel free to update as necessary.

Complete[edit | edit source]

Projects that have been fully translated into English.

Mostly Complete[edit | edit source]

These projects are mostly finished and the majority of text is in English.

Currently Active[edit | edit source]

These projects are currently active and the authors appear to still be working on them:

Cancelled[edit | edit source]

These projects have been cancelled, be it because of official release, lack of interest or complications.

Misunderstandings[edit | edit source]

These projects aren't actually a translation patch/script.

Dead[edit | edit source]

These projects have had very little activity and are most likely dead.

Obsolete[edit | edit source]

These projects are obsolete because the game was officially released in English.