PSP/PS Vita Native Exploit Table

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After the September Exploit Swarm, PS Vita homebrew devs began to move out of it's PSP emulator, and into native PS Vita exploits.

Most of these exploits are only available for PS Vita systems with 3.18 and lower, but there might be more in the future.

Upcoming Exploits[edit]

  • Katsu's Hybrid Firmware for PS Vita - It may be possible to have a base firmware of 3.18, but have some components of 3.51/3.52. This allows you to play games that require such newer firmware, and possibly even access PSN.
    • Needs further research, and currently necessitates a hardware hack.
  • Rejuvenate - The first native exploit for the PS Vita. Makes it possible to run full usermode homebrew on the Vita. Works via the PSM DevAssistant.
    • PSM DevAssistant for Unity is easier to install, but the exploit still needs to be ported to it.

3.51 and Below - Rejuvenate[edit]

  • FW 3.51 - The last firmware version capable of using the Native Rejuvenate exploit, making it possible to run PS Vita homebrew, as opposed to weak PSP homebrew.


Webkit Exploit Pack[edit]

A Webkit exploit was discovered for FW 3.18 and lower, making it the first Vita exploit. It was later overshadowed by Rejuvenate, however.