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  1. Download LME 1.8, and extract it.
  2. Copy the entire contents of the extracted folder to the root of the memory stick.
  3. Go to Game -> Memory Stick and run the LME Installer for 660.
  4. Press X to install. Your PSP will then restart.
  5. Go to Game -> Memory Stick and run the LME Launcher for 660. Your PSP will restart, again.
  6. 6.60 LME is now installed on your PSP.
  7. Once your PSP completely runs out of power, custom firmware will be uninstalled.
  8. Now just run LME Launcher for 660 to restore it.
    • To uninstall LME CFW, run the LME Installer for 660 and press Square.
    • If the LME Launcher 660 app displays Load error -> 0x80010002 and shuts down, run LME Installer for 660 again to restore the needed system files.