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Larynx and Trachea[edit | edit source]

Granular Cell Myoblastoma: neurogenic origin, mailes, posterior aspect of TVC's and arytenoids, small, sessile, gray lesion.

Pseudoepithelial Hyperplasia: TB, syphilis, granular cell myoblastoma, blastomycosis, papillary keratosis, pachyderma laryngitis, post-XRT

Cricoarytenoid Joint Arthritis: Usually 2' to rheumatoid arthritis

Subglottic Stenosis: Laser has poor prognosis if circumfrential wound or craniocaudal dimension > 1cm

Laryngeal Trauma: Airway 1st (trach). CT good for visualizing injury. Repair mucosa, wire cartilage fragments.

Spasmodic Dysphonia: strained choked vocal attacks, glottic stammering, hoarseness, decreased volume; Rx: SLP, Botox, RLN section (hi recurrence rate)

Interarytenoid mm: only m. with bilateral innervation, cord adductor

Posterior Cricoarytenoid is the best abductor