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Craniofacial and Facial Plastic Surgery[edit | edit source]

Benign Proliferative Disease of Bone[edit | edit source]
Fibrous Dysplasia
  • Monostotic: predominant, affects facial bones, M>F, "painless swelling", Rx = surgical excision
  • Polyostotic: Albright's, long bones, skin pigmentation (Café au lait), precocious puberty in females

Ossifying fibroma: sclerotic bone margins, "shells out" surgically

Trauma[edit | edit source]
Mandible Trauma
Midface Trauma
Frontal Sinus Trauma
Orbital Trauma
Nose & Nasal Trauma
Temporal Bone & Skull Base Trauma
Cosmetic Procedures[edit | edit source]
Genioplasty & Chin Implant
Laser Rejuvenation
Injectable Bulking Agents