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Example questions for the FAQ section (frequently asked questions)

How do I export calendar data to the iCalender (.ics) format?

How do I keep track of calendar, tasks, contacts, and notes ?

How do I integrate SyncML to support the exchange of calendar data with other programs, as well as with devices?

How do I modify the existing tabs?

How do I set a deadline for each task ?

How do I create a blank wall calendar that I can fill by hand?

How do I print a calendar in landscape format for a selected month?

How do I send an appointment to another user?

How do I exchange calendar data with other programs, as well as with devices?

How do I show birthdays?

How do I showing day names?

How do I show previous and next month?

How do I insert a timeline in a day note?

How do I change details I want to see in the calendar information window?

How do I Find a simple view of a full-year calendar?

How do I jump to a specific date?

How do I print a calendar?

How do I Use data fields for managing private and business contacts?

How do I change font type and size?

How do I displays tasks, notes, and contacts in a list forma?

How do I format time expressions?

How do I hide one or more PIM components?

How do I view links with a web browser?

How do I print?