Organic Business Guide/Acknowledgements

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The following people substantially contributed to the guide by writing parts of the text, contributing case studies or reviewing draft versions:

  • Alastair Taylor (Agro Eco Louis Bolk Institute – Eastern Africa, Uganda) - review
  • André Vording, Angelica Senders, Lisette van Benthum, Rob Witte (ICCO, The Netherlands) - concept, content, review
  • Fabio Sagliocca (Claro Fair Trade, Switzerland) - photos
  • Ghidey Gebremedhin Debessu (Tigray Agricultural Marketing Promotion Agency, Ethiopia) - content, examples
  • Gideon Adeoye (Nigerian Organic Agriculture Network NOAN, Nigeria) - content, examples
  • Gunnar Rundgren (Grolink, Sweden) - review
  • Joachim Weber (Agri and Co-operative Training and Consultancy Services, Kenya) - content, examples
  • Kees van den Berg (Oikocredit, Netherlands) - micro-finance aspects
  • Lazare Yombi (Helvetas Burkina Faso) - ICS documents
  • María Durán (Ecomercados, Nicaragua) - photos
  • Martina Meckel, Louise Luttikholt (Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International) - Fair Trade aspects, photos
  • Mirjam Güntert, Adrian Wiedmer (Gebana AG, Switzerland) - photos and tools
  • Mohammed Suleman Khan (Chetna Organic Farmers Association, India) - content, examples
  • Paul van den Berge (FiBL, Switzerland) -review
  • Peter Lendi (Erboristi Lendi SA, Switzerland) - review
  • Peter Schmidt, Jens Soth (Helvetas, Switzerland) - content, review
  • Prachanda Man Shresta (Helvetas Nepal) - extension and ICS documents
  • Rhiannon Pyburn (KIT - Royal Tropical Institute, The Netherlands) - gender aspects
  • Robert Berlin, Lionnel Giron (Intercooperation, Switzerland) - review
  • Simon Ferrigno (Consultant, UK) - review
  • Steven de Vries Reilingh (Rabobank, The Netherlands) - financial aspects

This guide was produced with support of:

  • ICCO - Dutch Interchurch Organisation for Development Co-operation
  • SECO - Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs
  • SIDA - Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
  • UNEP - United Nations Environmental Program