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The source code for plug-in development consists of the class definitions for all of the interface classes between Opticks and the plug-in, the class definitions for the plug-in base classes, a module definition file, and the default ModuleManager C++ source code.

The plug-in library contains compiled code that must be linked with the plug-in at compile time. The library contains the implementation of the plug-in base classes. The library's base filename is 'PlugInLib'. The library has been compiled for Windows and Solaris. The exact name of the library file depends on the naming conventions for the different operating systems. For Windows, the library is PlugInLib.lib and for the Solaris operating systems, the library is libpluginlib.a. Regardless of the operating system being used, this library must be statically linked into the plug-in.

The toolkit contains five sample plug-ins in a single module. One of the five sample plug-ins is only available on the Windows platform. The sample module and plug-in source code are contained in the /Toolkit/SamplePlugIns directory. They demonstrate a variety of functionality that plug-in may need to implement. The module contains full source code for all plug-ins and a project file for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

Plug-In Types