Open and Distance Education/E-learning Readiness/Conclusion

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“We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us”. This powerful quote by Mcluhan has unique and deep meaning. This is what technology is doing to us, and that’s why ODL researchers are working hard to direct educational technology in the right path through frameworks, theories, and models.

Throughout the years, ODL researchers have been developing, studying and exploring E-learning successful factors through empirical studies. Consequently, the e-readiness factor can be seen to immerge gradually into the current frameworks and models. This shows the importance of this factor for the successful e-learning programs in higher education. In this regard, more recent research on evaluating the main role of e-readiness factors in E-Learning outcomes are being done and further studies are coming out suggesting a conceptual model to determine the role of the e-readiness factor in the relationship between E-Learning factors and E-Learning outcomes.