Open Source Handbook of Nursing/Respiratory Care

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[edit | edit source]
  • Atelectasis - deflateded lung
  • pleural effusion - collection of fluid between lung and chest wall.
  • thoracentesis - removal of pleural effusion via needle
  • cachexia - muscle wasting (due to under-nutrition in respiratory conditions when eating becomes exhausting)

Airway management

[edit | edit source]

Suction is life-saving here clients are unable to maintain their own airway. Nurses must take responsibility for checking function of suction apparatus, where it is kept. Airway management may be as simple as reminding narcotised clients to take a deep breath occasionally, or keeping the clients head in a neutral or even extended position to prevent lingual obstruction (tongue blockage).


[edit | edit source]

clients may need positioning for drainage of secretions. clients may find relief in positioning upright to allow maximum chest expansion and having a table to lean upon.