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There are several points in the calendar where awareness of openness in education is raised. These include:

There are also many conferences dedicated to open education which take place all around the world.

Open Education Conferences[edit | edit source]

  • Online Educa – Annual global elearning conference held in Berlin.
  • OER14 conference – Annual conference held in the UK, focused on OER.
  • Mozilla Festival – Annual event usually held in London, lots of teaching and learning activities related to web.
  • OKFest – The Open Knowledge Foundation Festival – this year open education is likely to an important area.
  • Wikimania - Annual conference centered on Wikimedia projects with tracks dedicated to education, free culture, open data, and more.
  • Cetis Conference - Annual Conference from Cetis, UK centre that specialises in technology innovation and interoperability standards in learning, education and training.
  • OPPI - Helsinki Learning Festival: Held in Helsinki, first year in 2014. Focuses on new learning practices.
  • OpenEd conference – Annual conference held in US, currently the biggest Open education conference in the world.
  • OCWC Conference – Held in the US and organised by the Open Courseware Consortium.
  • Connections - US conference that brings together leading policy, academic and technology experts to discuss the future of open education resources (OER) as well as the technologies that are making this future a possibility.