OpenSCAD User Manual/CGAL From Source

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  • This page is intended for cases where the process at OpenSCAD_User_Manual/Building_on_Linux/UNIX has failed for some reason. Please file an issue on OpenSCAD's github if the above process did not work for you. In the meantime, these instructions might provide a workaround solution for you.
  • If your system already has an outdated binary CGAL package installed (such as libcgal-dev) you best remove it with something like 'apt-get purge libcgal-dev'.
  • If you custom-compiled BOOST, set the BOOST_ROOT environment variable to the installation location
  • Download CGAL from [1] . Try to get the latest version.
sudo apt-get install libboost-dev cmake libmpfr-dev libgmp3-dev
  • Extract
tar -xf CGAL-*tar*
  • Build
cd CGAL-$version
cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/openscad_deps
sudo make install
  • Note that some older systems, like NetBSD5, wont compile CGAL - either because CGAL wasn't ported to work with them or their compiler is too old or other reasons.