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Setting up your compiler

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To do any useful OpenMP programming, you will need a compiler that supports it.

  • The GNU C Compiler (GCC) has OpenMP 3.1 support since version 4.7. This compiler comes with practically any Linux system; for instance, on Ubuntu you can install it (and a set of related tools) with sudo apt-get install build-essential. To find out the version of GCC that you have installed, issue gcc --version on the command line.
  • The Intel C Compiler supports OpenMP.
  • The Clang compiler, shipped with Apple's Xcode, does not support OpenMP as of April 2014, but an experimental version by Intel does.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ apparently has limited support for OpenMP, depending on the version.
  • The LLVM-GCC compiler, shipped with older versions of Apple's Xcode, does not support OpenMP.

The OpenMP website has a more complete list of compilers with OpenMP support.

Apart from a compiler, we'll also be using the make tool in this book. You can do without if you want to use a different build system.