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Installing Tomcat as a service[edit | edit source]

When you install Tomcat on a windows computer, you have to options to start Tomcat. One is by using the batch file "startup.bat" and the other is by installing it as a service.

Installing the service on Windows Vista[edit | edit source]

This next section describes how to install Tomcat as a service on a computer with Windows Vista. It assumes you have downloaded Tomcat 6 and unzipped it to C:\Tomcat. If you use UAC, then click on your Start-button, All programs, Accessoires and scroll to the icon with "command prompt"; right-click this and choose option "Run as administrator".

A DOS box is opened and in this box you change to C:\tomcat\bin. Now type:

C:\tomcat\bin>service install tomcat6

Now go to the Configuration-panel, SystemAdministrator, Services. Your newly installed service will be called "Apache Tomcat tomcat6". Edit the properties if you want the service to run at startup.

If you want to configure Tomcat in a later stage, you can run tomcat6w.exe, again as administrator. This only works, if you defined "tomcat6" as the name of the service.

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