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Microsoft ISA Server[edit | edit source]

Problem[edit | edit source]

When OpenClinica 3.1.3.x is used in combination with Microsoft ISA Server 2006 firewall it can happen that a user, outside the intranet, can not open any CRF for data entry. The server only returns a blank page.

Solution[edit | edit source]

Make sure that the following configuration is set on ISA server firewall:

  1. General node, under Configuration. Click Define HTTP Compression Preferences to open the HTTP Compression properties. Check Enable Http Compression in the general tab. On the Return Compressed Data tab, click Add . Add the external network. In the same tab, click on Content Types and define which content types will be compressed. On the Request Compressed Data tab, click Add to add the network elements from which ISA Server will request compressed HTTP responses. Add the Openclinica server (you could define it as computer in the network entities)
  2. Make sure that compression web filter is enabled under the configuration.