OpenClinica User Manual/EditingSubjectDateOfBirth

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There are at least two ways to edit a subject's date of birth and fields such as enrollment date (see the OpenClinica Users mailing list thread).

  1. At study level you can click "View" for the subject in question, then click "Global Subject Record" below the Visits table and then the "Edit Record" link. The DOB is listed there.
  2. Via the administration/subjects task menu (click the edit button)

If the date of birth edit does not seem to save (issue seen in and 3.1.4), try the following workaround from this OpenClinica Users mailing list thread:

There actually is a workaround: setting the PersonID as optional in your StudyParameters. Strange thing is that you do not have to fill it in: there will be just a box and even if you leave it empty, you can modify the DoB and then go to the next screen with a Submit-button and all.

Some guidelines:

  • if you want to collect DoB on Subject-level, set PersonID to optional
  • if you want to use web-services, set gender to required
  • if you want to do any validations on DoB or gender, or if yu want to use them in validations of other items, collect them in a CRF

Once the date of birth edit is made, the PersonID StudyParameter can be re-set to Not Used.