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This section contains basic Onondaga vocabulary.

Todadaho Sid Hill, a member of the Onodaga nation.

Onondaga Nation Dialect

  • Onoñda’gegá’- Onondaga (People of the Hills)
  • Nya•wéñha -Thank you (I am grateful)
  • Nyoñh - You're welcome
  • Nya•wéñha Sgé•noñ’- I am thankful that you are well (a formal greeting)
  • Heñheñ - Yes
  • Hi•yah- No
  • Hátsgwih- All right
  • ___ Gya·jih - ___ it is my name


Six Nations of the Grand River reserve in Ontario.

This section covers weather in the Onondaga Nation dialect

  • Niweñdo'déñh - Weather (the kind of day it is)
  • Owä•de' - It is windy
  • Osdáeñ•dyoñh - It is raining
  • O'géñ•dyoñh - It is snowing
  • Dyo'goñt weñ•di'yoh - (It's always) a nice day