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The following functions are helpful in the rapid and efficient interpretation of images:

  • window level adjustment
  • translation
  • zoom
  • rotation
  • series browsing
  • measurements
  • regions of interest

The following small icons in the toolbar represent these basic functions:

Basic functions

To use these functions, simply click on them.

To save time, you can also use one of the following keyboard and/or mouse combinations:

a) Mouse + keys
You can change your current mouse functions by using following combinations:
  • Option + Click = Window level adjustment
  • Apple + Click = Translation
  • Shift + Click = Zoom
  • Cntl + Click = Rotation
b) 3 button mouse + wheel
We highly recommend that you use OsiriX with a multi-buttons and wheel mouse. You will be able to navigate more efficiently than by using a simple unique button mouse.
  • Left button = currently selected function
  • Right button = zoom (The toolbar will allow you to choose a different function to be assigned to this right button)
  • Wheel = navigate in the series
c) Jog-wheel
OsiriX is compatible with these new jog-wheel devices from Contour Design ( ). OsiriX is able to fully exploit these devices to quickly navigate in 5 dimensions.

A jogwheel programmed to access common OsiriX tools

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