Online OsiriX Documentation/Extract a 3D volume from a series

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Extract an area from a series for 3D reconstructions

1) Open your series and select the Closed Polygon tool

2) Activate the Thick Slab feature

3) Draw your ROI on this Thick Slab

4) Propagate your ROI to current Thick Slab by pressing Ctrl-S, or menu ROI : Propagate to current Thick Slab

5) “Jump” to the next Thick Slab, by using Ctrl-Left or Right Arrow keys

6) Continue to create your ROIs, and propagate the selected ROI up to the end of the series

7) Delete pixels that are outside these ROIs

8) For a CT series: select “Outside” and use “-1000” value

9) You can now produce your 3D image

For example, a cardiac-CT without the bones…