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Tree Gnome Village

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This quest guide was written by InsaneBunny9 of JustRS.com.

Description: The tree gnomes are in trouble. General Khazard's forces are hunting them to extinction. Find you way through the hedge maze to the gnomes secret treetop village. Then help the gnomes fight Khazard and retrieve the orbs of protection.

Requirements/Items: 6 Regular logs, ability to kill a lvl 112 enemy.

Starting Location: King Bolren in the middle of the gnomes' maze.

Reward: 11,000 attack experience, ability to use Spirit Trees to teleport, 2 quest points, and a gnome defense amulet.


Get through the gnome maze and talk to King Bolren. He will tell you that the gnomes are in trouble and need help to save them from dying. He tells you that you must return all the orbs to him so they will be safe again. He also tells you to talk to Commander Montai.

Commander Montai will tell that he needs 6 logs. Assuming you have them, give them to him. Talk to him again and he will tell you that he sent gnome trackers into the battlefield but has not heard from them since. Go to the khazard troops and find the three gnomes who will tell you the coordinates. They are:

Height- 4



Now go and fire the ballista. It will ask you for the coordinates. Assuming you get them all right you will hit the target. Now go back to the Khazard Troop's side and climb over the crumbled wall. There you will get attacked. Kill the trooper and go up the ladder. Again, you will be attacked but kill him and open the chest. Inside you will find the orb. Now go talk to Elroy (located right in front of the maze) and he will take you to King Bolren. He now tells you that you must kill the Khazard Warlord to get the final two orbs.

You can find the Khazard Warlord North-West of the battlefield past the lvl 64 wolves. I would recommend using prayer against the Warlord and to bring lots of food. Once you kill him you will receive the final two orbs. Again go back to Elroy, who will take you back to King Bolren.

King Bolren now thanks you and gives you your reward!

- This guide was used with permission from JustRS.com - The community of fellow Runescapers!

(You may copy/modify this guide as long as credit is given to JustRS.com and InsaneBunny9)