Old School RuneScape/Quests/Monkey Madness

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Monkey madness is among the hardest quests in the game. It is by far the longest but one of the most rewarding. In the quest you have to help the King of the gnomes by finding out what happened to his elite fighting group, the 10th guard. The quest leads you to an island inhabited by apes, Ape Atoll. Unfortunately pretty much everything on the island poisons you, this is very annoying, but as you progress further into the quest and after you kill a level 195 jungle demon, you receive 35000 experience in either strength and hitpoints or attack and defense, and the two skills you didn't choose you receive 200000 experience (if you are a pure and you do not want the defense experience, don't talk to the gnome that teleports you to the hangar), you also receive 10k, 2 cut diamonds and the ability to wield the dragon scimitar.

Note: 1K = 1000