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Ohio 7th Grade World History/Spread and Impact of the Black Death

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Spread of the Plague[edit | edit source]

The Black Death was one of the most deadly diseases. It killed 137 million in 3 major outbreaks. The 1st outbreak was called Plaque of Justice it occurred in 542 – 543 A.D, killed 70,000 people in the city of Constantinople. 2nd outbreak, the focus of this research, was the most deadly, and it was often called the Black Death. It occurred in Asia and Europe, but mostly in Europe, about 75 million Europeans were killed during the four years (1347–1351) from the plague. The spread of the Black Death was very dangerous. The Italian traders first contracted the Black Death in trade with Asians. As these traders headed home, they carried the disease with them to trading ports in Italy. They brought rats on the boats that carried fleas with the disease. The disease followed traders and their cargo further west and north and by 1349 the disease had spread to all of modern Europe and its trading ports.

Spread of the Bubonic Plague Through Western Europe: 1346–1353

When traders came from Asia to Europe, there were rats on their boats with infected blood. Fleas bit the rats, so they got infected. When an infected flea bit a person, they got infected with the plague. Some forms of the plague were spread through the air, others were spread from bites. If you breathed in infected air, then you would catch the virus. People didn’t have enough knowledge about the plague to know that the rats carried it. Instead of eliminating the rats, they fed them and gave them shelter. Three forms of the plague were the bubonic plague, the air spread form, and the form spread through bites. To describe this whole big plaque would be a negative impact thing to different cultures or countries but in a bad way. You’re bringing then a disease to kill people. A cultural diffusion is when new ideas are brought to one culture borrowed from another. How this is negative is you are bringing the disease to different countries and killing people. Now that everybody is dying causing the population to go down.

Effects of the Bubonic Plague[edit | edit source]

The Triumph of Death an artwork non-literally depicting the chaos caused by the black death.

The Black Death made many changes in Europe. The Black Death killed about 1/3 of the European population, and also killed 70% of the people who caught the disease. People thought that by burning the diseased bodies, it would help stop the spread of the disease. Burning the bodies was actually a good thing. Burning the bodies was a good idea considering the disease can not live unless the body is alive. By burning the bodies of the dead, the people were killing the disease. One form of plague traveled through air, and bodies had to be alive to have it. The Black Death was caused by a tiny bacterium only visible under a microscope, usually found in rats that where infected by the tiny bacterium that would bite them. The people where very dirty so they had rats everywhere, and that’s how it started. Because there is so much garbage and it is dirty it provides the rats a place to live that carry the disease and spread it even farther. These people had no natural immunity to the disease because the disease had started 15 years before their time. The effect the disease had on the peoples bodies where severe trembling, high fever, and swollen lymphomas on their neck that turned black and burst open. This was called the bubonic plague. After about 3 to 5 days with the plague the person usually died. Another deadlier plague would spread through the air and kill people in less than a day called the pneumonic plague. So many people died quickly that they sent special carts through the streets to collect the bodies.