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Recognition of Hazards[edit]

Chemical Agents[edit]

Biological Agents[edit]

Physical Agents[edit]



Ionising Radiation[edit]

Non-ionising Radiation[edit]


Evaluation of Risk[edit]

Qualitative Risk Assessment[edit]

Quantitative Risk Assessment[edit]

Exposure Limits[edit]

Exposure Assessment[edit]

Measurement of Exposure[edit]

Air Monitoring[edit]

Aerosols, Dusts & Fume; Gases & Vapours; Pumped Sampling Methods; Diffusive Sampling Methods; Direct Reading Instrumentation; Sampling Strategies; Statistical Methods in Exposure Monitoring;

Noise Monitoring[edit]

Sound Pressure Level Mapping; Dosimetry; Octave Band Analysis; high noise level induces the hearing loss and continues working in same condition makes person to irritating

Vibration Monitoring[edit]

Ionising Radiation Monitoring[edit]

Electromagnetic Field Strength Monitoring[edit]

Biological Monitoring[edit]

Health Surveillance[edit]


Hierarchy of Control[edit]



Total Enclosure[edit]

Systems of work[edit]

Partial enclosure with Local Exhaust Ventilation[edit]

Local Exhaust Ventilation[edit]

General Ventilation[edit]

Reduction in numbers of employees duration & frequency of exposure[edit]

Workplace Hygiene[edit]

Safe storage and disposal of materials[edit]

Provision of PPE[edit]

Respiratory Protection; Respirator Fit Testing; Qualitative Fit Test; Qualitative Fit Test (Particulate; Pressure Drop) Hearing Protection; Skin Protection; Gloves; Skin Protection Programmes;

Prohibition of Eating, Drinking & Smoking in designated areas[edit]

Washing, changing and storage of clothing[edit]

Maintenance and Testing of Control Measures[edit]

Information, Instruction and Training[edit]

Professional Bodies[edit]





=== IOHA ===IOHA

National & International Agencies[edit]

World Health Organisation[edit]

International Labour Organisation[edit]

International Agency on Research in Cancer[edit]

European Union[edit]

Health & Safety Executive (UK)[edit]

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (US)[edit]

National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (US)[edit]

Occupational Hygiene Education[edit]

Graduate Education[edit]

Post Graduate Education[edit]

DIPLOMA IN OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH---D.O.H In INDIA ,there is a course "Diploma in Industrial Health- (DIH)" which is a post graduate 2 full years course only for medical graduates. this course is recognised Medical council of India (MCI).Recently the name has been changed from Industrial to occupational. (Diploma in Occupational health- DOH).Presently this course is conducted by west bengal university of health sciences (WBUHS [1]) in All india institute of hygiene and public health (AIIH&PH) in KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL INDIA.

Vocational Education[edit]

Continuing Professional Development[edit]

Occupational Hygiene Ethics[edit]