Oberon/Linz Oberon, V4

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Installing[edit | edit source]

Archives are available from JKU Linz and from Sourceforge. Specific installation instructions are available for Linux and for MS Windows. The instructions should also help with Amiga, HPUX, Macintosh, MIPS, PowerMac, Sparc and UV4. In Linux install according to instructions in http://olymp.idle.at/~tanis/INSTALL.

Configuring[edit | edit source]

System configuration is discussed in the mailing list. A thread begins at 2021-01-11. Some specific details are in a message at 2021-02-04. The boot process for the various platforms needs review and consolidation.

Font Configuration[edit | edit source]

The font used in title bars and menues and in new documents can be set by this command.

System.Set System DefaultFont := Syntax14.Scn.Fnt

The appearance of extant Text can be changed globally by font mapping. First, display the extant mapping.

System.Get FontMap

Then set preferred mappings as in this example.

System.Set FontMap Syntax10.Scn.Fnt   := Arial14.Scn.Fnt
System.Set FontMap Syntax10i.Scn.Fnt  := Arial14i.Scn.Fnt
System.Set FontMap Syntax10b.Scn.Fnt  := Arial14b.Scn.Fnt
System.Set FontMap Syntax10m.Scn.Fnt  := Arial14m.Scn.Fnt

Refer to the mailing list at 2020-11-22.

Starting V4 on Linux[edit | edit source]

V4 is started by the sob script.

$which sob

Start V4.

cd <workingDirectory>

Usage Notes[edit | edit source]

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

Source Text Explanation Revised Source Text
MODULE Files ...
PROCEDURE GetTempName() ...
 n := tempno;
When a system runs for more than 24 days after booting, tempno can be negative whereas the WHILE loop in GetTempName works only if n >= 0. See mailing list. MODULE Files ...
PROCEDURE GetTempName() ...
 n := tempno MOD 80000000H;

Module Sources[edit | edit source]