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This document was originally hosted at the ETHZ. It remains in the WayBack archive under the ETH license.

USB support


Basic USB support was implemented for Native Oberon (starting Dec. 8, 2000) by Christian Plattner in a semester project. Thomas Frey ported the USB modules to Bluebottle = A2. The support is rather new and not much experience has been gained yet.

USB is a very comprehensive standard, and not all devices are automatically supported. Many devices also use proprietary protocols on top of the basic USB link layer, thus requiring an extension of the basic support.

See Usb.Tool for more information. For an exhaustive description of the subject, consult: and Wikipedia.

How to install a USB driver

If a USB controller is present (many modern computers feature an on-board USB controller), use the System Setup of your machine to enable it. Then, execute the following command:


Installs a USB system driver. After that, a USB mouse driver and a USB keyboard driver may be installed. Do not install the driver if the USB controller is not enabled or none is present.

Alternatively and preferably, edit the command in Oberon.Text as explained below.

Configure Oberon.Text - NetSystem.System.InitCommands

In a freshly installed Oberon, this section contains a commented UsbSystem.Start command already. Uncomment it and the USB driver will be automatically installed when Oberon is started.


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