Oberon/ETH Oberon/2.3.7/FTP.Tool

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Desktops.OpenDoc "ftp://host/" Anonymous ftp to host.
NetSystem.SetUser ftp:user@host ~ Set password for private ftp.
Desktops.OpenDoc "ftp://user@host"     Private ftp to user at host.
Command interface to FTP  
NetSystem.SetUser ftp:user@host ~ Set password for private ftp.
FTP.Open ^ ftp.inf.ethz.ch user@host Log in to the selected ftp server.
FTP.Close End the current session.
FTP.Dir List the current directory.
FTP.CompactDir List the current directory
  in a more compact form.
FTP.CurDir Display the current
  directory path.
FTP.ChangeDir ^ pub ".." "/pub" Change to anonther directory.
FTP.GetFiles => ~ Copy binary-files from the server.
FTP.GetTexts => ~ Copy text-files from the server.
FTP.PutFiles => ~ Copy binary-files to the server.
FTP.PutTexts => ~ Copy text-files to the server.
!FTP.MakeDir ^ Create a directory on the server.
!FTP.RmDir ^ Remove a directory on the server.
!FTP.DeleteFiles ^ Delete files on the server.
FTP.OpenLog Open log for FTP