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Special ORCID Promotions (competitions/prizes)[edit | edit source]

University of Reading Orchid for an ORCID

University of York Customised Mug

University of Western Australia ORCID iD Competition

ORCID Competition 2017 in Cambridge

Customised promotional materials/swag[edit | edit source]

University of Glasgow ORCID Postcard

University of Kent (materials as part of their Advocacy Toolkit including postcards, business cards, badges and fluffy bugs)

University of York Postcard

Description: - Used the ‘Distinguish Yourself’ tagline (as used within ORCID’s own registration page) and this proved successful. Other promotional materials contained a duck motif which was designed by a member of the Research Support team. ‘Duck density’ is a notable feature of the University, so the design worked well in the York context

Resources from ORCID[edit | edit source]

Outreach resources

Resources from UK ORCID consortia members[edit | edit source]

Liverpool John Moores University

University of Bath

University of Birmingham

University of Bristol

University of Oxford

University of Reading

University of Westminster

Resources from other international ORCID consortia[edit | edit source]

Australian Access Federation: ORCID Communication and Outreach Resources

The Big List of Resources[edit | edit source]