ORCID Advocacy Toolkit/Advocacy Toolkit Sprint

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Agenda (timing from start of event)[edit | edit source]

10:00 Introductions

10:15 Overview of aims

10:30 Discussions of wikibooks / sprint goals / task selection - team formation

11:00 Session to create / curate – Teams open

14:00 Reconvene : Review 1

14:20 Session to create / curate – Teams open

16:00 Reconvene : Review 2

16:30 Round up

16:45 Discuss next steps – close

The day is broken up into 3 parts. You’re welcome to participate in as much as you are able. We’re aware that setting aside a whole day can be a challenge.

From 10-11 we’ll cover the basics of the day – what we hope to achieve, where and how we’re working.

Then there will be 2 sessions to work the main focus of the day – you are free to attend one or both.

We WILL run a round up and next steps at EXACTLY 16:30 ;)

I hope that encourages some of you that were a bit concerned / daunted about a whole day (although we’d be so grateful to have as many as you contribute for as much as you can)

Platforms[edit | edit source]

Teams advocacy channel for communication during the day

We've created a Jamboard for ideas and teams

Wikibooks is the wikimedia eBook platform – it allows the creation of a granular set of pages which you can then edit together into an output / book. This means you can have web pages as wiki pages or exports. You can also export as PDF / ePub (for kindle etc) and ODT (for Word etc). You can also refer to wikipedia and wikidata if you need to…

Wikimedia2LaTeX means that you can do the final part of production – you can export to LaTeX, import to OverLeaf to produce high quality output. Either for distiller / PDF or to any one of their output formats (slides etc…)