OCR A-Level Physics/Equation Sheet

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Equations, constants, and other useful data. Equations and constants are given in the formulae booklet unless stated otherwise.

AS Formulae[edit]

Unit 1 - Mechanics[edit]

Kinematics Equations[edit]

Forces, Moments and Pressure[edit]

Work, Energy and Power[edit]

  • Not given in formulae booklet.

Deforming Solids[edit]

Unit 2 - Electrons, Waves and Photons[edit]


    • If there are only two resistors, this simplified equation can be used which isn't given in booklet:

Waves and Photons[edit]

  • This is NOT given in the unit 2 section of the booklet but IS given in the unit 4 section.
  • The following equations are NOT given in the formulae booklet
    • The following equation is known as Malus's Law:
    • Malus's Law can also be given in terms of amplitude:

A2 Formulae[edit]

Unit 4 - The Newtonian World[edit]

Unit 5 - Fields, Particles and Frontiers of Physics[edit]