Nursing Study Guide/Care of Haematological Needs

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Care for client with immune impairment

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  • Isolate client and provide gloves, gown and masks for visitors and health workers to reverse barrier (protect client)
  • Prioritize care to minimize disruption to clients environment, clean procedures first.
  • Use single room if CRP >15 Pressuruized room if client CRP>60
  • Avoid introduced food, gifts and flowers
  • Allocate daily cleaning
  • Select diet with high lactobacillus and good food safety (eg no icecream because of the bacteria count)
  • Eliminate fresh salads and unpeeled fresh fruits or vegetables.
  • Deep breathing and coughing to avoid stagnation.
  • Provide client with mask for ambulation outside room.
  • Observe and protect skin (prevent breakdown)
  • Observe fastidious hygiene measures and five moments of hand hygiene.
  • Mouth care and disinfectant mouthwash
  • Monitor IV site and Consider Central line to prevent peripheral thrombophlebitis.
  • Four hourly vital signs.
  • Continue until white cell count is in normal range (ANS Absolute Neutrophile count >1500 cells per microliter)
  • ICNP diagnosis 10022996 Immunologic Impairment or equivalent


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