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The degrees of comparison are indicated by means of special words, not by means of endings. This is in accordance with the prevailing tendency in most languages. Examples: plu bon(i) kam better than. tam bon(i) kam as good as. min bon(i) kam less good than.

The use of the same word kam in these comparisons makes it possible to say, e.g., lo es tam brav o plu brav kam lon fratro he is as brave as, or braver than his brother.

Cf. under Particles on tam, kam, quam.

The superlative is indicated by maxim or minim: lo es li maxim bravi (li minim bravi) inter li fratres (or ek li fratres).

The rules here given for the comparative and superlative are, of course, applicable to those adverbs as well that admit of comparison: plu bald sooner; min utilim in a less useful way.