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Appendix A: Advanced Noun Inflections[edit]

Unfortunately, there is not just one way to inflect a noun per gender. Each gender has several patterns, not to mention that there are plenty of irregular nouns as well.

Explanations of the left column in the inflection tables of the genders[edit]

1, 2, ... These indicate the different versions of inflection, like for instance
where m1, gutter - ends with r, while m2, lærere - ends with re.
b, c, ... This means it is just a variant of the same version, like for instance
where m1, en gutt - has a double consonant at the end, while
m1b, en dam - has a single consonant at the end.
(However, the rest of the inflection pattern is equal, so it is a variant)
* This sign indicates a special case, such as (en) januar - (a) January.

if it were represented with an article it would be en, but it is very
seldom used.

< This sign indicates that the indefinite plural of a noun is the same as

the indefinite singular (except for the article)

Feminine Specific Inflection Patterns[edit]

There are three feminine inflection patterns.

f1 ei myr myra myrer myrene a bog
ei krone krona kroner kronene a crown
f1< ei mus musa mus musene a mouse
f2 ei lever levra levrer levrene a liver

Masculine Specific Inflection Patterns[edit]

There are seven masculine inflection patterns.

m* (en) januar
m1 en gutt gutten gutter guttene a boy
en hare haren harer harene a hare
m1b en dam dammen dammer dammene a pond
m1< en sko skoen sko skoene a shoe
m2 en lærer læreren lærere lærerne a teacher
m3 en onkel onkelen onkler onklene an uncle
en vinter vinteren vintrer vintrene a winter
m3< en meter meteren meter metrene a metre

Neuter Specific Inflection Patterns[edit]

There are eleven neuter inflection patterns

n* (et) styrbord
n1 et hus huset hus husa/husene a house
n1b et rom rommet rom romma/rommene a room
n2 et eple eplet epler eplene an apple
et salt saltet salter saltene a salt
n2b et program programmet program(mer) programmene a program(me)
n2c et kontor kontoret kontor(er) kontorene an office
et album albumet album(er) albumene an album
n3 et middel midlet midler midlene a remedy
et fengsel fengslet fengsler fengslene a prison
n3b et lager lageret lagre lagrene a storage
et -meter -meteret -metre -metrene a -metre
n3c et pulver pulveret pulver pulverne a powder
n4 et kriterium kriteriet kriterier kriteriene a criterion
et museum museet museer museene a museum
n4b et faktum faktumet fakta faktaene a fact

Irregular Nouns[edit]

ei/en and anda/anden ender endene a duck
ei/en bok boka/boken bøker bøkene a book
en bonde bonden bønder bøndene a farmer
en bror broren brødre brødrene a brother
ei/en datter dattera/datteren døtre døtrene a daughter
en fan fanen fans fansen a fan
en far faren fedre fedrene a father
ei/en glo gloa/gloen glør glørne an ember
ei/en gås gåsa/gåsen gjess gjessene a goose
ei/en hånd hånda/hånden hender hendene a hand
et -kle -kleet -klær -klærne a -cloth
ei/en klo kloa/kloen klør klørne a claw
et kne kneet knær knærne a knee
ei/en kraft krafta/kraften krefter kreftene a force
ei/en ku kua/kuen kuer kuene a cow
en mann mannen menn mennene a man
en modus modusen modi modiene a mode
ei/en mor mora/moren mødre mødrene a mother
ei/en natt natta/natten netter nettene a night
ei/en not nota/noten nøter nøtene a seine
et plenum plenumet plena plenummene a plenary
ei/en rand randa/randen render rendene an edge
ei/en rot rota/roten røtter røttene a root
ei/en råa/råen rær rærne a yard
ei/en skåk skåka/skåken skjæker skjækene a shaft
en slan slanen slener slenene ????
en -stad -staden -steder -stedene no english equivalent
en stand standen stender stendene a (social) class
ei/en stang stangen stenger stengene a rod
en stimulus stimulusen stimuli stimuliene a stimulus
ei/en strand stranda/stranden strender strendene a beach
ei/en søster søstera/søsteren søstre søstrene a sister
ei/en tang tanga/tangen tenger tengene a pair of tongs
ei/en tann tanna/tannen tenner tennene a tooth
et tre treet trær trærne a tree
ei/en tåa/tåen tær tærne a toe
ei/en tåg tåga/tågen tæger tægene a slender root
et våpen våpenet våpen våpnene a weapon
et øye øyet øyne øynene an eye