Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python 2.6/The End

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For the moment I recommend looking at The Python 2 Tutorial by Guido van Rossum for more topics. If you have been following this tutorial, you should be able to understand a fair amount of it. If you want to get deeper into Python, Learn Python the Hard Way is a nice on-line textbook, although targeted at people with a more solid programming background. The Python Programming wikibook can be worth looking at, too.

This tutorial is very much a work in progress. Thanks to everyone who has sent me emails about it. I enjoyed reading them, even when I have not always been the best replier.

Happy programming, may it change your life and the world.


To do:

TODO = ['errors',
        'how to make modules',
        'more on loops',
        'more on strings',
        'more on dictionaries',
        'file io',
        'how to use online help',
        'break and continue']