Noli Me Tangere/Chapter X

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Chapter X " Elias and Salome"

Summary: Salome waits desperately for Elias, thinking that he would pass by the water any time soon.  Elias, however, is nowhere to be seen because he is in fact hiding from the authorities who are currently patrolling the lake.  When the two finally get to meet, Salome tells the youth of her plan to move to Mindoro and live with her relatives, and requests that he go with her.  Elias, however, refuses her offer because he does not want her to be entangled with the tragedies and troubles of his past.  He tells the lady that she must marry an honorable and respectable man, one whom she truly deserves and who can make her happy.

The chapter 'Elias and Salome' was originally the chapter 25 of Noli Me Tangere but when they found the original manuscript, it has a large 'X' mark on it so that they called it Chapter X. Rizal removed it during the actual printing of the book due to financial constraints.