No Man's Sky/Glitched Planets

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Note: Glitched planets are not bugs, but features

A "glitched" planet is a rare occurrence. The planet's fauna is all turned into a strange form, while all flora and minerals take a specific shape. Possible forms include:

  • Dark pillars with orange-ish lines running up them. Fauna are transferred into flying yellow crystals.
  • Small, dark hexagonal pillars, with creatures being quite similar to everything else.
  • Round spherical objects with hexagonal shapes all over it. Fauna share the same shape as everything else and roll around.
  • Large pillars with orange stripes running up them. Fauna are in the shape of flying blue circles, a lot like plasma.

If you continue to explore the planet, you will eventually find a collectible decoration for your base that closely matches the planet's flora and minerals.

You may also come across a boundary failure, a large ring structure, with a terminal at the base of it, allowing you to unlock some game lore on the downfall of other universes.