No Man's Sky/Base Building

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Building a base is one of the most important things you can do in this game. When you get to the part where you can build a house, consider using your salvaged data on the material type you want the most. Timber looks out of place on a volcanic planet, after all.

The layout[edit | edit source]

Your base should be simple to navigate with few detached buildings. Multiple doors makes it easier to enter in an emergency. Consider having multiple levels stacked atop each other.

Having each device in your base have its own room gives more space to add decorations.

Devices[edit | edit source]

Having interior lighting will make it much easier to see at night, while medium and large refiners allow making more complex elements. Storage devices are also indispensable as you will likely have items you do not want to sell or destroy, but you have no inventory space.

Most of the above require power to run. When you first start, you get the blueprint for a biopower generator. You should also get solar panels as well, but they only generate power at day, so you should get a battery to store the surplus power, too.

After you have a way to get power, you need to attach wires from your power generator(s) and battery to other devices needing the power. Tip: align wires to walls, floors, and ceilings to keep everything clean. Then either fuel the generators, or in the case of a solar panel, wait for day to come.

Advanced decorations and nice things[edit | edit source]

A landing pad will allow you to set where your ship lands, and rotate it to face a certain direction as it lands.

Decals can be made with carbon, and the blueprints are available at the Anomaly. They can have symbols or a number. Certain shapes, like cylinders and wedges, can also be used for decoration.

Decorations[edit | edit source]

As you buy more building piece blueprints, you unlock new pages of content, most of them decorative. You can only unlock them on the Anomaly though.

Decorations include: containers, outside decorations, tables, chairs, beds, lights, and posters. You can also unlock a large array of farming items.