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Personal Pronouns[edit | edit source]

Personal pronouns are those referring to the speaker, the person to whom one speaks, and the person about whom one speaks, called the first, second, and third person. Like English, German, Dutch, and other languages, Englisc has the full range of these pronouns, including dual pronouns.

  • First person: I, we two, we
_ singular dual plural
nominative ic wit wiȝ
genitive mein unker user
dative miȝ unk us
accusative mic unkit usic
  • Second person: thou, ye two, ye
_ singular dual plural
nominative þu ȝit ȝiȝ
genitive þein inker ȝuer
dative þiȝ ink ȝu
accusative þic inkit ȝuic
  • Third person: he, she, it, they
_ He She It They
nominative he scie it hje
genitive sein her sein hjer
dative him her him hjem
accusative hin scie/sco it hje