Nineteen Eighty-Four/Part 1/Chapter 2

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Winston visits a neighbor in the Victory Mansions, Mrs. Parsons. Although her apartment is bigger than Winston's, it holds a family of four and reeks of sweat. Mr. Parsons was not home at the time. Mr. Parsons and his kids are strong supporters of the Party. In fact, the kids play with Winston and accuse him of treachery because they could not see the hanging of Eurasian war criminals. Mrs. Parson, on the other hand, looks helpless in controlling her children, who in a few years, would probably be spying on her for the Party. Back in his apartment, Winston remembers a dream seven years ago in which he heard O'Brien's voice, saying, "We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness." He wrote in his diary again, wondering who it should be addressed to. It was unlikely that anyone else would ever read it, but he continues to write, hoping that the diary will be discovered by someone in the future.


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