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In the emerging field of Cognitive Neuroscience there are number of real pioneers. I would propose a bibliography here to start the readers on the right track to exploring the new frontiers of the mind-brain interface science.

 Reading list: 
             1. Wet Mind.. The New Cognitive Neuroscience by
                Stephen M. Kosslyn and Oliver Koenig ..
                Free Press paperback  
             -- 19:30, 3 Feb 2005 (UTC)RFORD   2-03-05 Oxnard Calif USA
             2. Methods in Mind By Carl Senior, Tamara Russell & Michael Gazzaniga (2006).  
                The MIT Press, USA
             3. Are You a Machine?: The Brain, the Mind, And What It Means to Be Human 
                By Eliezer Sternberg (2006).