Objective 4.4: Performance Monitoring

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Objective 4.4: Conduct network monitoring to identify performance and connectivity issues

Network monitoring utilities[edit | edit source]

Packet sniffers[edit | edit source]

See Objective 5.2: Software Tools.

Connectivity software[edit | edit source]

Load testing[edit | edit source]

Throughput testers[edit | edit source]

A throughput tester measures the amount of data that can be transferred through a network or processed by a device (such as the amount of data that can be retrieved from disk in a specific period of time). On a network, a throughput tester sends a specific amount of data through the network and measures the time it takes to transfer that data, arriving at a measure of the actual bandwidth. Use a throughput tester to validate the bandwidth on your network, and to identify when the bandwidth is significantly below what it should be. Note: A throughput tester can help you identify when a network is slow, but does not give you sufficient information to identify why it is slow.

Logs[edit | edit source]

System logs[edit | edit source]

History logs[edit | edit source]

Event logs[edit | edit source]

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Objective 4.4: Performance Monitoring
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