Mythology/Semitic Mythology/Creation

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The following is the creation story, according to a couple of different sources.

Creation in the Bible[edit | edit source]

Before the Earth was made, all that existed was a raging ocean that blanketed everything; the waters of the sky and earth had not been separated yet. God was hovering over the waters, and he decided to create. On the first day of creation, he created light. He sas that this light was good, and he separated it into Day and Night. On the second day, God placed a firmament between the sky and the earth to separate the ocean above from the ocean below. On the third day, he gathered all the water into one place, creating land. He also created plants, and let them spread over the whole earth. On the fourth day, he created the Sun, Moon, and stars to tell the time of harvests and religious festivals. The Sun was to rule over the day, and the Moon was to rule over the night. On the fifth day, he created birds and all the sea creatures, and told them to reproduce and fill the Earth. On the sixth day, God created all the land animals, and then molded mankind, male and female, out of dirt. On the seventh day, God finished his creation and decided to rest. So, he blessed this day, and made it a day of rest.