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Creatures[edit| edit source]

The creatures of Egyptian mythology are often (like Norse mythology) based on animals (e.g. Phoenix, Sphinx)

Section 1: Quadrupeds[edit| edit source]

  • Axex - A hawk's head on a quadruped's (a four-legged creature's) body.

Egyptian sphinxThis stone block portrays Akhenaten as a sphinx, and was originally found in the city of Amarna/Akhetaten. This object is now located in the Kestner Museum of Hanover, Germany.Egyptian antique in the Museum of the Louvre, pavilion sully, 2002.

  • Sphinx - In Egyptian mythology this is a creature with the body of a lion and the head of a man, hawk or ram.
  • Sta - A head of an asp on a quadruped's body.

Section 2: Flying creatures[edit| edit source]

  • Ba - A soul of a deceased person. Usually depicted as a bird or human-headed bird.
  • Phoenix (Bennu) - In Egyptian mythology it is described as the sun-bird, which dies at night and comes to life in the morning (this is unlike greek and arabic mythologies, which depict phoenixes living for 500 years then dying and, after a while, coming back to life from its ashes)

Section 3: Other[edit| edit source]

  • Mummy - Even though mummies exist as Pharaohs who were prepared for the afterlife, Egyptian legend believes that if woken, a mummy would attack and chase its invader.