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Introduction | Getting Started | Installing | Extras | Troubleshooting | Conclusion

Installing and configuring MythTV can be a challenge. However, there's no denying that having a functional MythTV is both a matter of fun and pride. There's so much a MythTV can do, that you'll be happily playing and tinkering for a while to come. Also, most users of MythTV note that they change their viewing habits entirely. Instead of watching TV based on the network's choices, you can watch on your own schedule. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll watch more TV. Rather, you'll find that the time you spend watching TV is better spent. You watch quality shows and don't waste time surfing, unable to find something interesting on TV when you are in the mood to watch. You'll also be amazed how many good shows and movies routinely play on TV (especially at odd hours). By using your MythTV, you'll be able to finally take full advantage of your subscription to cable or satellite television. It's a liberating experience, especially because you're in full control of both your TV viewing experience, and the hardware/software that makes it all possible. So enjoy it!