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Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter - Character
Miles Bletchley
Gender Male
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Related Family Unknown
Loyalty Slytherin House


Miles Bletchley is an older student in Slytherin House; he is the keeper for the Slytherin Quidditch team.

Role in the Books[edit]

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Philosopher's Stone[edit]

Miles Bletchley is mentioned as being the Keeper of the Slytherin house team in the game against Gryffindor.

Prisoner of Azkaban[edit]

In the Quidditch Final, Slytherin against Gryffindor, it is mentioned that Marcus Flint, team captain, has juggled the lineup in favour of brawn versus skill. The keeper in that match is never named, so we may assume that it is probably not Bletchley, who is named in earlier and later matches where he is Keeper.

Order of the Phoenix[edit]

Alicia Spinnet goes to the Hospital Wing with her eyebrows growing so thick and fast that they obscure her vision and obstruct her mouth. Despite fourteen eye-witnesses who saw Miles Bletchley, here identified as the Slytherin keeper, jinx Alicia from behind as she worked in the library, Professor Snape insists that she must have tried a hair-thickening charm on herself.

In the only game that Harry plays, against Slytherin, Bletchley is mentioned as being Keeper.



Relationships with Other Characters[edit]



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Greater Picture[edit]

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