Movie Making Manual/Writing/Certification

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Please beware - this page lists some rude terms

Silly as it may seem, the rating boards of various countries have lists of words and screen content that determine the rating of a movie and whether one can broadcast it publicly. You may want to keep these in mind when writing.

The ratings in the US, Asia, the Middle East and Europe vary, and are mainly based on sexual content. Europe remains the most liberal, followed by - respectively - Asia, the United Kingdom (separate from the rest of Europe), the United States, and the Middle East (which is extremely strict, with the exception of Israel).

Here we have a list of some of the general rules of language and content that helps writers/producers avoid the 17 years and up rating in English language films in the US (accepted by most other territories):

The standard regarding violence is that there cannot be any blood movement. This means no blood dripping, exploding or in any way moving from a body if shot, stabbed or hurt in any way.

No nudity allowed including: no visible nipples or genitals, though nowadays the occasional shot of the buttocks or the side of a breast may slip by unnoticed.


  • dick head
  • shit, eat shit, shitting me, etc
  • Jesus, For Christ Sakes or any other insulting reference to religions
  • Brass Balls or any other reference to testicles
  • fuck, motherfucker, etc
  • cunt
  • piss
  • cock
  • tits
  • ass-anything (though "ass" is deemed acceptable)


  • ass
  • son of a bitch (though not in excess)
  • hell
  • kiss my ass (when used sparingly)
  • oh my god (acceptable since Friends)