Movie Making Manual/Staff/Cinematographer

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Cinematographer or Director of Photography: Player; Also known as the "DP" (or "DOP" in England). The DP is responsible for the look of the film, and often shoots the picture. He/she helps the Director translate the written word into the visual in close cooperation, supervising and operating the lighting and camera crews in the most efficient manner possible. Selecting the type and quantity of camera equipment for the production and the film stock for the overall photographic "look" of the picture. Determines the quantity and type of lights to be used in the production. Supervises and works with the gaffer to control the intensity, color balance and placement of all lighting. Supervises the gelling of windows, areas and lights for proper color balance and/or effect. Works closely with the Director in setting up the shots to create continuity of action, screen direction, energy level lighting and effects, etc. Works closely with the Director in selecting angles, camera height, and movement, whether on a tripod, dolly, panaglide, crane, skycam, vehicle (land, air or water) or hand held.