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This Module is part of the Movie Making Manual

A synopsis is the kind of brief summary you might read on the back of a video box, and generally doesn’t run for more than one page. Without going into any great detail, it describes the main character and what they are up against, as well as the major turning points in the screenplay. A synopsis is a useful pitching tool, but it’s also a very useful way for screenwriters themselves to articulate what the story is basically about.

An Example

"To envisage The Art of Flirting, imagine Buster Keaton playing Don Juan directed by the Farelly Brothers. It is very funny, yet at the same time covers the full gamut of flirting techniques. If you can't pick up any useful flirting skills from this film - you are probably too busy getting laid to make time to see it.

Shot as a black and white silent comedy, TAoF is an instructional guide showing us how to flirt. TAoF is contemporary but uses the silent movie style to emphasise flirting as primarily non-verbal and to demonstrate flirting is a classic and somewhat neglected art. TAoF is also a homage to the silent comedies of Buster Keaton."