Movie Making Manual/Mac in film production

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Tools available on Mac[edit | edit source]

Writing[edit | edit source]

  • Movie Magic Screenwriter
  • Final Draft
  • Celtx (free, Open Source)
  • Montage
  • Scrivener (free for 30 days, Universal) [includes Screenplay Template on disk image]

Budgeting[edit | edit source]

Scheduling[edit | edit source]

Storyboarding[edit | edit source]

Editing[edit | edit source]

File conversion tools[edit | edit source]

Compositing[edit | edit source]

Animation[edit | edit source]

DVD Authoring[edit | edit source]

Web Authoring[edit | edit source]

Audio Editing[edit | edit source]

Getting help[edit | edit source]

Software is often complex and has a steep learning curve. For ways of getting help online, take a look at the online resources page for links to forums and tutorials online. Also take a look at the training category index for more info on training.